pengalaman pribadi dalam bahasa inggris

pengalaman pribadi dalam bahasa inggris


Last weekend I entered a singing competition in a shopping mall. I represent my school in the competition, so I have to give the best results.

I did about a month of preparation. I exercised every day after school. I was trained by my music teacher and she always gave me direction and input so that I could show my best. My teacher also gave me some things to pay attention to before entering the competition, such as getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, and reducing cold water consumption. This is done to keep me healthy when participating in competitions.

The day of the competition arrived. Because it was my first experience so I felt nervous when I saw the other participants on stage. But I got a lot of support from my teachers, parents, and friends who will watch my performance. A few minutes later my name was called and I went on stage. I sang the “Indonesian song Pusaka” quietly and solemnly. After performing, I also rested while waiting for the announcement of the winner of the competition.

Two hours passed and came the moment to look forward to, namely the announcement of the results of the competition. It turned out that I got first place. I am so happy, all those who supported me also cheered on my victory. It was a fun experience that I won’t forget in my life.

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